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There is a three week trial period for your dog to adjust to the wheelchair. If for any reason you return the wheelchair, I will refund 65% of the cost of the wheelchair (not including shipping).

Tips for taking accurate measurements (in inches): It is important that the measurements are as accurate as possible. Have someone assist you. If your dog cannot stand, lay your dog on his/her side. Use straight lines, as in the diagram, except for #4, #5 & #8 (these are girth measurements). For #1, #2 & #3 what I'm looking for is where the leg attaches to the body, the pivot point or where the joint is located. For #6 & #7, what I'm looking for here is how wide is your dog at the shoulder or hips. Use straight lines and DO NOT follow the curvature of back. Girth of #5 is where one leg attaches to the body, like you’re putting a pair of pants on dog what would be the circumference of the leg hole. Any questions? Please call.

1. Center of hip to floor:____
2. Center of shoulder to floor:____
3. Center of shoulder to center of hip:____
4. Girth of chest behind front legs:____
5. Girth of upper thigh one leg:____
6. Width of the hips:____
7. Width of the shoulders:____
​8. Girth of abdomen:____

Once you have the measurements, place them in the measurement box to the right.

Print out this form for your records.

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