Libby Bowles,

Greensboro, NC

"As one can see, He adapted quite well and was very happy with his new freedom to behave as a dog again; sniffing and following his pal Daisy. His strength increased with each day along with his mobility. He regained complete mobility with full recovery from his paralysis. His wheelchair is now retired. We believe it was invaluable in aiding his full recovery. “

I provide mobility for handicapped pets specializing in wheelchairs for dogs. I have been building wheelchairs for dogs for over 17 years. About 15 years ago I developed a NEW AND BETTER design to assist dogs that have problems with their hind legs. This is the ORIGINAL design using aluminum tubing, light weight plastic, neoprene rear support and a pneumatic wheel, the lightest on the market. This wheelchair is user-friendly for both you and your pet. Made with durable materials, the wheelchairs will withstand wear and tear under normal conditions. 

A wheelchair may be in order for your dog if it is suffering from degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia, disk or cervical disease, ruptured disc, spinal disorders, or any other problem that affects its hind legs. I've worked closely with veterinary hospitals and university neurology departments on how to best support pets with disabilities. 

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Each wheelchair is a custom-made, quality product built only by me, with integrity, dependability, creditability and pride. I stand behind the workmanship on all my wheelchairs. Once an order is placed I would have it out in 2-4 days plus shipping.



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