More Photos

If you have photos of your dog in a wheelchair please send them to me.

Dog in a wheelchair next to a little girl

"Lucy, a shepherd/lab mix, has had the wheelchair for about three weeks and is really getting used to it. We live on a big hill and she is starting to make it on her own. Lucy’s "big" 3 year old sister, Emma, even helps to put on the wheelchair. It’s very user friendly."

Jennifer, Cedar Rapids, IA

Zoom Zoom in the snow

Dear Mr. Dewey,

We can not Thank-You enough for the wonderful wheelchair for Zoom Zoom. She is now the happiest Dog I know! The chair is all you said it would be, and much more. Your product has enriched our lives ten fold! Zoom Zoom can now go for walks, and she loves to play in the snow! I am sending some photos of Zoom Zoom in her chair for just the 3rd time .She is the center of attention when we go out, she loves it.

Sincerly, Ginette and Jaden Riendeau

Pug in a wheelchair

Top: "Fu Tsu actually gets excited to go for a walk in her wheelchair."

Bottom: "Keeping Fu cool at the car show in Pueblo, CO. while on vacation. She was the hit of the show. People were in awe with the concept."

Sandra, Saint George, UT

Pug in a wheelchair wearing a hat

White dog in wheelchair sniffs in the snow

" Just wanted to pass on a happy story. I took Amos out in his wheelchair today along with me riding my horse. The wheelchair is so wonderful he doesn’t even know he has it on. He goes along just like with legs, stopping to mark territory, wandering off here and there, just like he could walk. Its so wonderful. truly a great joy to watch."

Lucy McNulty, Pownal, VT

Two dogs meet; one is in a wheelchair

Yellow dog in a wheelchair in the grass

"Yesterday Mandy headed down the grass/gravel slope to the beach, clambered across the small driftwood strip, through the tall weeds and out onto the sand. This cart has far exceeded our wildest hopes. I wish you could see how easily she crosses big, barnacle covered rocks!"

Inez, CA

Terrier in a wheelchair

Moonwalker is currently attending a school program for disadvantaged and disabled children. We were a little skeptical at first, but he is really good with them. The aqua broom handle in the photo was to simply keep him still."

Gill Guelph, Ontario Canada


A few pictures of our happy dog and a note to let you know how much we appreciate what you do. I’m absolutely certain that the wheelchair has extended Dusty’s life and it’s obviously improved the quality of the time we share with him. These pictures were taken today at the coast, first he swam in Cleawox Lake north of Florence, then we took him to the beach at Winchester north of Reedsport. He had a great day, so we had a great day as well. He also attracts a lot of attention – whenever someone asks about the wheelchair, I tell them about you. Again, thank you – what you do is so important to those of us who love and cherish our dogs.

Chris West


Ragsy: small black dog in a wheelchait in the grass

"As one can see, He adapted quite well and was very happy with his new freedom to behave as a dog again; sniffing and following his pal Daisy. His strength increased with each day along with his mobility. He regained complete mobility with full recovery from his paralysis. His wheelchair is now retired. We believe it was invaluable in aiding his full recovery.

Libby Bowles, Greensboro, NC


Lyon drawing more attention that just humans.

Doryan Jarrell

Renton, Wa.

Captain: small dog in wheelchair in the grass

Captain is a success story, two weeks in the wheelchair and he was using his hind legs. After four weeks he was walking without the aid of his wheels. Today he no longer needs the use of the wheelchair.

Two dogs, one in a wheelchair

"Magnum’s doing GREAT IN THE WHEELCHAIR. I’m battling foot wounds with his feet. They seem to be developing in areas that he’s not even dragging on. Could be circulatory. But, he’s basically doing okay for now."

Susan, West Melbourne, FL